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E-learning course for Kongsberg Maritime

In 2015 the MTE team has developed an e-learning course for Kongsberg Maritime AS for its K-Bridge and K-Nav ECDIS system. This E-Learning course is based on the equivalent 2-day course curriculum offered at KONGSBERG training facilities worldwide.


Full Kongsberg statement:


MTE 2013 Conference

The 15th Marine Traffic Engineering Conference MTE 2013 will be held in Świnoujście from 16th to 18nd of October 2013. The Conference is organized by Marine Traffic Engineering Institute & Centre of Marine Traffic Engineering of Maritime University of Szczecin. We cordially invite all proffesionals working on maritime reserches field.  Conference is a great oportunity to exchange and expand Your knowledge in variety of topics and subjects.

NI Accreditation

On 17th May, 2011 Maritime University of Szczecin was accredited by Nautical Institute to deliver DP Induction / Basic and DP Simulator / Advanced Courses. Accreditation places us in the family of world wide recognized DP training providers and opens possibilities of research in the field of best DP practices, operator situation awareness and methodology of training. Contact: e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +48914809717. Link to NI:

Nautical Institute
R&D activity in the MTEC simulator

1. In February 2007 the database of fairway leading to Świnoujście harbour was completed.

2. In April 2007 workshops in the EU Baltic Master Project were conducted.

3. In November 2007 workshops during XII International Marine Traffic Engineering Confernce were conducted. Download Simulation Studies , Areas and Objects Modelling 

4. In February 2008 the model construction of m/f "Piast" and Ystad harbour database were finished and simulation safety analysis of ferry "Piast" operation in Ystad harbour was conducted.

5. In April 2008 the databases of Świnoujście LNG terminals were completed and safety analysis of operating 138 000 cbm LNG carrier in Świnoujście harbour was conducted.

6. In May 2008 the model construction of m/f "Skania"was finished and simulation safety analysis of ferry "Skania" operation in Ystad harbour was conducted.

7. In June 2008 r. the databases of Świnoujście harbour, particularly ferry terminal, were completed and training in shiphandling of m/f "Skania" for Unity Line Chief Mates and Masters in Świnoujście and Ystad harbours started (Shiphandling Course of the mf Skania in Ystad harbour).

8. In February 2009 the EU EfficienSea Project started.

9. In June 2009 the Project of Navigational Technologies Centre co-financed from EU funds within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme (IEOP 2007-2013) started. The project will lead to the DP upgrade of MTEC ship simulator and wide range of studies in ship motion modelling, shiphandling and integrated bridge technologies. The first contract was signed with Kongsberg Maritime AS. Delivery and commissioning of the DP simulator were finished in April 2010. More at: Centre of Navigational Technologies (CTN)

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10. In April-May 2010 the navigation safety analysis of ferry "Piast" berthing in re-designed Ystad harbour was conducted.

11. Works on various shiphandling scenarios for training and research purposes are continuously on-going.


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